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Yang Style Tai Chi Traditional 108 Forms

Yang Style Traditional Tai Chi Chuan 108 Form also known as 85 form (but with different names of movements) preserves the original postures arrangement of Yang Luchang creator of this style. Its movements fully stretching, free, agile and powerful, enjoying a large popularity among passionate martial practitioners.
The performer, Mr. Cui Zhongsan, born in a Tai Chi family, is the member of Beijing Wushu Association and the president of Beijing Yongnian Tai Chi Quan Community. He studied and got the essential of Yang Style Tai Chi Quan from his grandfather, the 4th generation disciple. He won the second place in National Tai Chi Sword Competition and acted as referee in Wushu matches. For a long time he devoted himself to teach and train Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, many Chinese and overseas students.

Traditional 108 Forms
Hold tiger and return the mountain
Step forward and pierce
Move upwards
Raise hands
Single whip obliquely
Part wild horse mane right
Left right drive monkey backward
Left right cloud hands



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