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The Shorter Chen Forms of Chen Xiao Wang and Feng Zhi Qiang

Chen Style Taijiquan masters like Chen Xiao Wang and Feng Zhi Qiang have also developed shorter sets to help popularise their form of Taijiquan. Chen Xiao Wang created a shorter set comprising of postures from both the Xin Jia and the Lao Jia of Chen Taijiquan. He currently resides in Australia where he continues to promote Chen Taijiquan.

Feng Zhi Qiang is a noted disciple of Chen Fa Ke. He has been a major moving force behind the popularisation of Chen Taijiquan. With his many years of experience he created a shorter Chen set based on the Lao Jia which he learnt from his master. The set is somewhat longer than the one developed by Chen Xiao Wang but is gaining popularity through Feng's books and promotional efforts.

The Kwang Ping Taijiquan Of Kuo Lien Ying

Kuo Lien Ying was one of the few mainland Chinese Taijiquan masters to make his home in America. Skilled in both external and internal boxing, he was a respected boxer in China. He later moved to Taiwan and then to America. Kuo had learnt his Taijiquan from Wang Chiao Yu in Beijing from a young age. Wang himself was a student under Yang Pan Hou.

An examination of Kuo's Taijiquan shows characteristics of Yang Pan Hou's Taijiquan but it differs somewhat from the old Yang form. Kuo called his form Kwang Ping Taijiquan after the city of Kwang Ping where the Yangs had taught for a while. He did it to differentiate it from the more extent forms of Taijiquan which he felt did not contain all the theories of Taijiquan and that the form he had learnt represent the whole transmission as taught by the Yangs in the city of Kwang Ping before going into the Imperial Court. It should be noted that Kuo's form is not practiced in Kwang Ping city.

Today, Kuo's Taijiquan tradition is being carried on by his wife Simmone Kuo and his son. Based in San Francisco, the style continues its growth primarily in the United States where the number of its practitioners continues to increase.

Fu Zhen Song's Taijiquan

Fu Zhen Song was primarily noted as a Pa Kua master and is famous for his creation of the Dragon Form Pa Kua Chang art. He was also skilled in the art of Chen Taijiquan whom he learnt from Chen Ting Xi. Inspired by the principles of Taijiquan, he incorporated the key elements of Pa Kua Chang into several new Taijiquan forms he created. Fu created unique Taijiquan forms like Fu Style Taijiquan, Taiji Lightning Palm and Taiji Lightning Fist. He was one of the Canton Five Tigers and became head instructor of the Central Guo Shu Institute in 1928.

Fu's Dragon Form Pa Kua Chang contains two man push hand sets like Taijiquan and Fu's Taijiquan has the Dragon like characteristics of his Pa Kua Chang. Today, the Fu family continues to teach these forms of Taijiquan which is unique and differ from the more traditional styles.



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