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21.Punch at Elbow's Bottom (Zhou Di Chui)

22.Step Back and Whirl Arms at Both Sides (Dao Juan Hong)

23.Step Back and Press Elbow (Tui Bu Ya Zhou):

24.Middle Winding (Zhong Pan):
25.White Crane Spreads Wings (Bai He Liang Chi)

26.Walk Obliquely With Twist Step on Both Sides (Xie Xing Ao Bu)

Flash the Back (Shan Tong Bei):
28.Hidden Thrust Punch (Yan Shou Hong Chui)

29.Six Sealings and Four Closings (Liu Feng Si Bi)

30.Single Whip (Dan Bian):
31.Wave Hands (Yun Shou)

32.High Pat on Horse (Gao Tan Ma)



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