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Emperor of the North Pole


Emperor of the North Pole is the god who assists Emperor Jade to be in charge of the latitude and longitude of the earth, constellations and weather and seasons of the earth. The image of this god originated from the worshipping for the stars. Ancient people matched the stars with the kings and top officials. The North Pole here refers to the Polaris and that the god was called Emperor of the North Pole is thought to be the suzerain of all the gods of constellations. So the Polaris is also named King Star.
In Taoist scripts, Emperor of the North Pole governs all the gods of stars and celestial figure of mountains. And he is the launcher of all natural phenomena. He can make order the gods of thunder, lightning and ghosts.


Emperor of Heaven

He is in charge of the north and south poles, all the living things and the military affairs of human beings. It is said that he is a brother of Emperor of the North Pole who was born by Lady Purple Light in the Zhou Dynasty.


Emperor of Mother Ground


This goddess has another name, Queen of Mother Ground. She is in charge of the transformations of different elements, the bearing of creatures, the physical appearance of all beings and the beauty of all lands, mountains and rivers, so she is called Ground Mother as a counterpart title to another title Heaven Father for Emperor Jade.
The creed on the goddess rooted in the veneration to lands. Ancient people prayed the god of land for properness of weather, harvest of crops and auspicious of life. The title "Mother Ground" began to be used during the Spring and Autumn Period. As for the reason of using this word, various sayings exist at present. One of the explanations is as the following: in the patriarchal society, the word "Mother" referred to the great grand mother treated as the chief and authoritative figure; while the word "Ground" referred to the mother of all creatures, that is, the land. So the title in fact means Mother of the Land.

Emperor Zhenwu


Zhenwu is named Emperor Zhenwu, the Founder or the Granddad in Heaven. This super god is evolved from the image of the ancient northern god, Xuanwu. In Taoist legends, it is said that Zhenwu, made up of the universal essential material of gas, is a copy version of Taiji. He was born in Country Jingle by the Queen on March 3, in the first year of Emperor Huang. Intelligent, valorous, uninterested in the world affairs but keen on cultivation, he left his parents at 15 and came to Wudang Mountain with a purpose of acquiring the true meaning of Taoism. After forty-two years' cultivation, he ascended to heaven on September 9, in the fifty-seventh year of Emperor Huang, escorted by five dragons.

Zhenwu has a big bulk and an affable countenance. He may be bare-footed and hanging-haired while wearing a Taoist robe or armor. He may wear coronet and richly manufactured imperial robe with a stately air with the company of General Tortoise and General Snake. Sometimes he may stand on the backs of tortoise and snake watching heaven, the earth and waters, with a sword in hand.


Mother of Cynosure

She is the goddess of wisdom worshipped in Taoism, mother of all the stars in the cynosure.
In Taoist Books, She, one princess of Emperor Yu of the Zhou Dynasty, had another name Lady Purple Light. She had nine sons, the eldest Emperor Heaven, the second Emperor of the North Pole. The other seven sons are respectively the seven stars in the cynosure.
The goddess has four heads and eight arms. The eight arms are equivalent to the Eight Diagrams. She always holds bow, halberd, or weapons with a shape of the sun or the moon in her hands.




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