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Purple Gas Immortal


It is said that he was the teacher for Zhenwu's cultivation. When Zhenwu was born as the prince of Country Jingle, he was not willing to succeed the throne but intended to learn Taoism so as to serve God and help the common people. Purple Gas Immortal was deeply moved, so under his careful and cautious guide, Zhenwu finally became an immortal after a cultivation of 42 years.
With a chignon on the hair, an iron pestle in one hand and a loose robe on the body, he was affable and plump and smoothed-skinned in


Flag-holding God

Flag-holding God, also called the Tiangang, is zhenwu?s ordinated god for holding his flag. Tiangang is an official title for the god who is in charge of the Seven Stars in the spoon-like cynosure, staying in the handle position.
He has sword-like eyebrows and double eyelids. Old-fashioned cap on head, armor on body, his clothes and girdle fluttering in the wind, he looks so valorous and stately, with a huge flag in one hand.


Sword-handing God


  Sword-handing God, also called Taiyi, is another Zhenwu's subordinated god for holding his sword. According to Verse on Astrology and Astrological Phenomena, Taiyi, a subject of Zhenwu, can yoke sixteen dragons and foretell the weather, war affairs, and the arrival of starvation and illness. In the mortal world, he is a super god who can predict the rain, wind, draught, war, starvation and disasters.
An upright cap for martial arts learners on head, armor on body, clothes and girdles waving in the wind, he looks valorous and stately, with the two hands holding a sword

Gold Boy


Gold Boy, also called Jade Boy, is the god who is in charge of etiquette and the recording the affairs about the goodness, wickedness, achievements and errors.
He is standing on the left hand of Zhenwu, with a volume of records in his both hands and eyes gazing at something, elegant, cautious and sedate.


Jade Girl


Jade Girl, Lady Peach Blossom, is the goddess who is in charge of etiquette and the recording the affairs about the goodness, wickedness, achievements and errors.
She is standing on the right hand of Zhenwu, with both hands holding the brush pen, ink and inkstone and two eyes gazing at something, mild, calm, coy and obedient.



The Six Generals


The six generals are the generals of Zhenwu. It is said that they are made according to the arranging principle of traditional date recording method. In Taoism, these men can drive wind and thunder, control certain minor ghost and divine beings.






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