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Thunder God


He is in charge of thunder. This belief is derived from the creed on the natural thunder and lightening and other phenomena of the ancient people. The original image of Thunder God was a beast, then half beast and half man, at last evolved into the present humanized god.
It is said that the residence of Zhenwu is called the capital of Thunder, for God Thunder, with other gods such as God Lightning, Wind, Rain, Dragon and River, lives there as a dependent God to Zhenwu.
The image of God Thunder is enshrined and worshipped on Wudang Mountain. With three eyes, claws of bird, feet of human beings, face of monkey, mouth of hawk, helmet of animal on his body and two wings on his shoulder, he looks so particular, valorous and frightening.

Official Wang


He is thought to be the God to keep these mountain gates of palaces and temples in Wudang Mountain in Taoism. His hatred to evil doings, uprightness and unselfishness are so much canonized by civic people.
He wears armor, a scarlet face, three eyes and a ferocious countenance, with a golden whip in his hand, having an appearance to punish anyone sternly that dare to behave wickedly, which makes everyone frightened.


Lady Xuan of the Ninth Heaven


She is also called Lady Origin. The Ninth Heaven refers to the highest position in Heaven, which means that the goddess has a very high official rank. So she is called Lady Xuan of the Ninth Heaven.
Her earliest image was an immortal bird called Bird Xuan. It was said that Emperor Xuan ordered her to fall into the earth and gave birth to a baby whose name was Qi who established the Shang Dynasty. Therefore, she was respected as the ancestor of Shang clan. Later, her image became a celestial bird with a head of mankind's. Eventually, she becomes a goddess who is one of the most beautiful and the highest divine goddess. In the following times, by using her name, some people wrote a book named Book of Lady Xuan narrating the skills of sexual intercourse, prepotency of delivering and ways to preserve one's health, so the folk also called her Mother of Bringing Babies. In the family of the Chinese celestial beings, her position is next to Nova and the Western Queen.

Gods of Cynosure

The belief in cynosure originated from the worshipping to the constellations. In Taoist books, Mother of Cynosure has nine sons totally called Lords of Cynosure, or Gods of Cynosure. According to the astrological book, it is said, " in the key position of the middle sky, all the gods in charge of the stars in the Cynosure can control the all the people on the earth, the distribution of fortune, official position life and death. If people pray sincerely, all the wishes can be achieved."


Gods of Taoism-protecting


The four Gods of Taoism-protecting, also called Four Celestial Generals, are among the divine 36 generals of Emperor Zhenwu.
They wear armors and helmets, stately and valorous.


Emperor of Three Elements


Three Chargers also called Three Elements, is the whole term for Charger of sky, Charger of ground and Charger of water, which are the earliest gods worshipped by Taoists. This kind of belief derived from the natural oblation to sky, ground and water.
Taoism thinks that the Three Chargers can offer happiness to people, forgive the sin, and wipe out the trouble; in other words, the Charger of Sky can offer happiness to people, the Charger of ground can absolve people from guilt and the charger can release people from the unlucky situation. The various rulers had always cried up the belief on the Three Chargers so that the temples for the Three Chargers were set up everywhere. Even the governments set up the taboo for sacrificing the Three Chargers. For example, in the Tang Dynasty, during the fete there must be no animal killing, nor fishing, nor hunting. In the Song Dynasty, in the ceremony of memorizing the three chargers, the officials can neither cross-examine nor execute the death-doomed criminals.


Super God of Misery-curing



This God has many titles. The most commonly accepted are Taiyi Super God of Misery-curing, Voice-tracing Super God of Misery-curing, and All-direction Super God of Misery-curing and so like. He is a god rich in transformations.
According to Taoist books, he is extremely kind, powerful and full of miracles. If meeting people suffering from trouble or misery, he would chant the script of Taoism to save people from apprehension or endangered situation. Among Taoists and the folk, he is not only a god to save people from the misery and disaster but also a god to save suffering and wronged ghosts in the hell.





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