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The words explanation of wushu

Southern-style Boxing and Northern-style Leg; Eastern-style Spear and Western-style Cudgel
Wushu in Changjiang River region and the south of Changjiang River is characterized as many acts, steady stake, violent boxing, a small place to exercise; so there has a saying, a place as small as a sleeping ox is enough to exercise southern-style boxing. Wushu in Yellow River region and the north of Yellow River region is characterized as big shape, fast speed, powerful legs, running and jumping, and a big place to exercise; so there has a saying, the boxing fights four directions. The southern-style and northern-style boxing have their own priorities and striking features.

The Spear is the king of all weapons.
This saying shows the power of the spear, for it has a strong force, high speed in attacking and defense, many changes in real fight, which make the rival difficult to protect.

The Knife is the general of all weapons.
The knife, one of the earliest weapons in China, is the weapon most often used. The acts of knife emphasize split, cut, point, slice, which is easier that the acts of spear, so most of the generals and soldiers choose to use a knife.

The Sword is the scholar of all weapons.
The sword, as one of the earliest weapons in China, has been substituted by other weapons in many wars. Later, the swordplay has developed into two kinds: one has a long fringe; when exercising, the sword is like a swimming dragon, full of charm. The other has a short fringe; when exercising, it has many changes in acts and paces, violent movements, which are very useful in fighting. Both the two have a charm of a scholar, so it has been named the scholar of all weapons, compared to musical instruments, chess, and book.

The cudgel is the head of all weapons.
The cudgel is the most original weapon. The one who doesn't know Wushu can freely use a cudgel to protect himself. It is very common to use a cudgel as a weapon, so has been named the head of all weapons.

The spear is like a swimming dragon, the cudgel a whirlwind.
Or we say that the spear just hits one point like a swimming dragon, but the cudgel hits a big direction like a crazy devil. The spear, in order to puzzle the rival, cannot hit the point directly, but in a curving way, just like a zigzagging dragon. The cudgel, for the purpose of hitting the rival, should be as quick and violent as a whirlwind; only this can have the power to defeat the rival.

The exercise of single knife depends on the movement of the bare hand, double knives the movements of the legs, big knife the mouth of the knife.
This saying explains the basic requirements when exercising the three kinds of knife plays. When we exercise a single knife, one hand holds the knife; the other one is bare, which is to balance the former one. The standard, balance, use, usefulness, beauty depend on the bare hand's cooperation, so the exercise of a single knife depends on the movement of the bare hand. The acts and changes of double knives are realized through the proper cooperation of the hands and the legs, otherwise, the double knives will meet each other, even harm oneself. So when the masters of Wushu appreciate the double knife play, they first look at the paces of the two feet, so we say that the exercise of double knives depends on the movement of the two legs. The big knife is a long and heavy weapon. Only the proper use of the mouth can we display the power of big knife. So there has the above saying.

Wushu has eight basic acts, which should practice more and often.
The eight acts refer to eight basic acts, namely, hand play, eye play, pace play, mentality, breath, strength, and Gongfu, which are the basic acts for all kinds of Wushu. Without the eight acts, you can't succeed in exercising Wushu; but the eight acts can only shown in the practice and can be achieved in practice. This saying means that only through continuing practice can we grasp the eight acts.

Exercise vital energy inside, the bone and muscle outside.
The advantage of Wushu exercise is that it can exercise vital energy inside and the bone and muscles outside. Through the exercising of Wushu, we can strengthen the vigor of the body, improve the function of the innards, speed the metabolism, so we can be full of energy and prolong our life spans. And through the exercising of Wushu, we also can make our body strong, muscles developed, bones hard, ligaments soft, skins healthy, giving a healthy and charming performance.
When we practice the stand everyday, our Gongfu improves everyday accordingly.
To exercise the stand is to exercise the sets of Wushu. The development history of Wushu shows that all the Wushu develops from free combat to a set of acts, which is the highest stage in Wushu development, no matter it is boxing or weapons. Wushu acts are a series of movements formed by combating skills, which is to help the learners practice them skillfully. Only practice more and often can we improve our strength and resistance. So if we want to have a full display of Gongfu, we must practice them everyday.

Exercise body essence, vital energy and mentality inside, hands, eyes and body outside.
According to Chinese medicine, body essence, vital energy and mentality are the three most important things. The transformation of the three can speed up metabolism so as to keep healthy and prolong the lifespan. The acts of Wushu are fulfilled through hands, eyes and body. The exercising of hands, eyes and body is the performance of the exercising of body essence, vital energy and mentality. The two parts depend and help each other, can't exist without the other one.




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