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Created Wudang Boxing and taught students

When Zhang-Sanfeng came to Wudang County, he found that there were many buildings distributing here and there among the high mountains, with crossed streets, wood of trees, and crowded people and vehicles, so he thought that here was not a usual place.
When he came to Wudang County Court (Yuxu Palace now), he found that the Grand Hall rising high in the Ba-shaped walls, backing the green mountains and facing the busy street, full of magnificent air. On one of the walls, he met a notice with his photo on to arrest him, which said that Qingyuan County Official Zhang-Quanyi had colluded with the insurrectionist Zhu-Yuanzhang and wanted to rebel against the government, then escaped to Jintai Temple to be a Taoist and pretend death, living a bare coffin there, so all the counties should work hard to arrest him.
This made Zhang think a lot, he never thought that the evil government had not let him go till that time and that the government would follow the delator Sun-Jingde to open his grave, which made him more determined to overthrow the reign of the Yuan Dynasty.
Had just come to Wudang Mountain and been chased by the government, he thought it unsuitable to live in temples as a traveling Taoist; so he went to find a cave at the foot of Phoenixes Mountain, which was dirty but safe to hide him. He collected some dry grass and spread them in the cave, sat there practicing the Static Qigong. The Static Qigong, also named Inside Medicine Exercise, can be achieved after the practicer has gotten the medicine. The dark and wet cave is the best place to practice the Static Qigong. He practiced from the Static Qigong to stopping eating any food when he could live without a grain for half a month, then when he stopped practicing, he could eat up several kilograms rice.
He had practiced in the cave for three years and then he succeeded in get the medicine, meaning that he had succeeded in practicing the Static Qigong. Now his clothes were dirty and worn out; his hairs and beards were long and disorderly; his face and body were black and full of disgusting odor. So the people nearby called him Dirty Taoist, or Dirty Zhang.
After he had practiced Inside Medicine Exercise, he left the cave for Nine-dragon Mountain to the east of the county, where there were full of mountains, streams, and green trees, which was a good place to cultivate. So he built a hut under the mountain, named Meeting Gods Temple. There he practiced the Static Qigong at night, the Dynamic Qigong at day, with the purpose to combine the two into one, but failed for many times.
One morning just when he came to the yard in front of the hut and began to practice, he suddenly heard a pie crying urgently behind the hut, so he went there to see what had happened. There he found an interesting story. A pie made a nest in the phoenixes tree, but a snake wanted to eat the pie' eggs, so they began a fight. The pie flied here and there to attack the snake, but the snake twisted on the tree with his tail and tried his best to avoid the attack and make some attack too, so the pie had to fly away again. They fought for a very long time, but could not come to a conclusion. Watching the fight, Zhang understood suddenly that he should practice the dynamic Qigong like the pie and the snake, in the way of round Taiji.
Enlightened by the fight, he understood the gist of Taoist Dynamic Qigong, then combined Taiji, the Eight Diagrams, Inside Medicine, boxing acts of martial art, military sciences of militarists together and created a new boxing, which is as quiet as a virgin, as active as a flying hair, as soft as a snake, and as tough as a powerful tiger. This new boxing is standing in the pace of seven stars, waving curve and turning around, to control the active acts by the still ones, overcome the tough acts with the gentle ones, attack the opponent by use of his own force, and strike only after the opponent has struck. That time Zhang-Sanfeng just created thirteen acts, so the later generations named it the Thirteen-act of Sanfeng Taiji Boxing, which is Wudang Inner Boxing created by Zhang-Sanfeng for the first time since the world came into being, also the mother boxing of inner boxings. The later generations, on the base of Zhang's Taiji Boxing, have studied, developed and make it form a big Wudang Boxing system with many schools and genres, widespread in China and famous all over the world. After sever years' practicing, Zhang-Sanfeng had exercised the Thirteen-act of Sanfeng Taiji Boxing perfectly.
One day when he was practicing, a young Taoist suddenly came to watch his practicing, who was surprised and could not believe what he was seeing. The Taoist, named Sun-Biyun, came to be a Taoist instead of one landlord in Yuxu Temple when he was very young. He often met Dirty Zhang before and thought that he was a crazy Taoist. Unexpectedly, when he met Dirty Zhang under Nine-dragon Mountain today, he came to know that Zhang was a profound Taoist with very high Wugong. So when Zhang finished exercising boxing, he came up and asked Zhang to be his teacher.
Sun-Biyun was Zhang-Sanfeng's first student, so Zhang taught him very seriously; he taught him cultures of Taoism, Confucius, and Shiism, and Taiji Boxing. Sun was very clever that he made many progress in learning Taoism. Zhang had took Sun as student, so many more people came to know the real visage of Dirty Zhang, several more profound Taoists came to study Taoism and Taiji Boxing under Zhang' s tutor, among which, Li-Suxi was very famous. For he had followed Zhang's advice to offer betelnut to Emperor Yongle, which moved Emperor Yongle to build Wudang Mountain in a large scale.




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