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Destroyed the evil and helped the weak and the kind

Found that his students were more and more, Zhang-Sanfeng decided to leave his Meeting Gods Temple to Sun-Biyun, and he began his traveling again.
The first destination of his traveling was Changchun Temple in Wuchang, one district of Wuhan City, which was built for the purpose of remembering Qiu-Changchun, the leader of the seven men of Quanzhen School. That year Qiu-Changchun was invited to travel eastward to see Chengji-Sihan, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. When Chengji-Sihan asked him how to rule the country successively and how to enjoy a long life, Qiu answered, "You should respect the nature and love the people, and also be short of desires." "If you want to unify all the country, you should not indulge in killing people." So Chengji-Sihan made him God, and stopped killing people. Qiu-Changchun's one word "not to kill people" helped millions of people survive from being killed, which taught Zhang-Sanfeng many things during his visit in Changchun Temple. Who would be qualified to rule the country when many heroes rebelled against the reign of the Yuan Dynasty and fought against each other? Zhang-Sanfeng decided to find a true hero who respects the nature, loves the people and dislikes killing the people and help him succeed in unifying the country.
When he heard that Zhu-Yuanzhang, whom he had saved as he was Qingyuan County Official, had many soldiers and horses and had had taken Jinling City, he traveled eastward by boat. Jinling City, also named Stone City in history, was very small. A scholar named Zhu-Sheng gave Zhu-Yuanzhang nine words to help him unify the country, which said like this: to build the city walls high, lay aside grains more, and become king late.
That time many leaders of uprising armies had become kings, for instance, Cheng-Youqiong named King Han, Zhang-Shicheng named King Wu, and so on. The generals of Zhu-Yuanzhang all asked him to become king, but he took Zhu-Sheng's advice, not to become king so early that becomes the target of other kings, but to do something useful to make him strong in power. The first thing he wanted to do was build city walls high and extend and strengthen Jinling City; but the project was so large that he should have lots of money, where could he get lots of money?
When Zhang-Sanfeng came to Jinling City, he heard that the people there spoke highly of Zhu-Yuanzhang to the effect that he ruled the army very strictly, not to kill the innocent, but work hard at people's livings. He felt happy that he had saved the right person.
The first richest man in Jinling City, Shen-Wansan had lots of money and boasted, "If he will be poor, the sea will be dry and the dragons will cry." When he was very old, his wife gave birth to a clever and handsome boy, so he loved him very much. But the boy had a strange trouble, easy to cry; once he began crying, he would cry for several days at a stretch, no matter how hard you worked to stop him. Once when he heard someone destroy china and tear silk cloth, he would stop crying, which made all china and silk clothes in his home destroyed.
When Zhang-Sanfeng heard the strange story, he paid a visit to Shen-Wansan. Strangely enough, when the boy saw Zhang-Sanfeng, he did not cry but begin to laugh. Shen-Wansan was surprised that the Taoist was so strong and great and that he could stop the boy's crying; so he asked Zhang why. Zhang smiled, "Time flies fast and life is short. Money is easy to go like wind and dirt; however, fame is lasting forever like the moon, the sun and the stars. Why the boy cry is that you love money more than fame." Considered it reasonable, Shen asked Zhang to teach him how to do this. Zhang said, "Now Zhu-Yuanzhang, in order to save the people from fire and sword and unify the country, followed Zhu-Shen' nine-word advice. He wanted to build Jinling City walls high, but short of money. This is the beat time for you to become famous in the world forever." Shen asked, "You mean that I offer money to build city walls?" Zhang kept his fingers crossed and smiled, "Yes. If you offer money and help build city walls, Zhu-Yuanzhang will be easy to unify the country and bring fortunes to the people. In this way, you will make a big contribution and be remembered by the following generations." Enlightened and appreciated, Shen invited Zhang to have a dinner. When they departed, Shen asked Zhang to tell his name; Zhang said, " I am Wudang Taoist Zhang-Sanfeng," and then he left.
Later, Shen offered lots of money to help Zhu-Yuanzhang build city walls and said that he was enlightened by Wudang Taoist Zhang-Sanfeng. So Zhu asked him to invite Zhang, Shen said that Zhang had gone.
Zhang-Sanfeng left Jinling City, took a boat in Changing River to travel upward. When he came to the Boyang Lake, he found that King Han Chen-Youqiong was building large warships and drilling naval armies, which the people there complained against very much. After watching by the lake for several days, he went back to Jinling City. Here Zhu-Yuanzhang heard a message that Chen-Youqiong would lead his naval armies to attack Jinling City, so he gathered all his generals to discuss how to cope with them; a soldier came into and offered a letter to him and told him that the letter was from Shen-Sanwan. Opened the letter, Zhu found a piece of yellow paper on which written "Set fire to Chen-Youqiong when there is a wind and God Zhenwu will be with you." That time, Chen's warships locked together were large and powerful, but Zhu's warships were small and weak; Chen had more than six hundred thousand of soldiers, but Zhu just had ten hundred thousand. In this unfavorable situation, how could he defeat the enemies? Zhu was very worried; now the word "Fire" had enlightened him.
Later, they had a furious fight in Boyang Lake; Zhu defeated Chen by use of fire, which made Chen lose better half of his soldiers. Then Zhu used fire again to attack Chen, made Chen lose all of his armies; as to himself, was shot to death too.
Zhang-Sanfeng was traveling in the south of Changjiang River then, when he heard the news, he came to Shen-Sanwan's home to say good-bye, "Now the whole situation has set, we should go back to Wudang Mountain." Shen asked, "Now there are many heroes uprising and only Chen-Youqiong was defeated. Why could you say that the situation is set?" Zhang answered, "Now, the government of the Yuan Dynasty was dying and beyond medicines. Among the uprising heroes, only Chen-Youqiong was able to compete with Zhu-Yuanzhang. Now that Chen died, who else can fight for the ruling of the country with Zhu-Yuanzhang?" Shen wanted to learn Taoism and boxing from Zhang, so he invited Zhang to stay there for more days and wait for Zhu-Yuanzhang. Zhang laughed, "I have been used to traveling around to my heart. It is better for me not to see Zhu-Yuanzhang," with the words, he left.




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