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Offered advice at the proper time

Zhang-Sanfeng traveled around for several years with the dirty clothes on. When he saw the imperial order and court clothes, he smiled and asked Sun-Biyun to lay them aside. Sun wondered, "Since you do not like to accept the offer, why not return them back?" Zhang said, "No. Zhu-Yuanzhang is determined to invite me to work in government, so it is useless to return them back. You can use them when you work in the government in the future." Sun smiled, " You make a joke on me." Zhang said seriously, "In order to develop and strengthen Wudang, you need to work in Government."
The next day, Zhang led Sun to climb up to Gold Peak. On the way, they felt very sad when they saw many palaces and temples destroyed by fire and sword. Zhang said, "During the changing of the dynasties, the battles did not bring troubles to the humans but also to Gods." Sun asked, "Gods can help the people from troubles, why not help themselves?" Zhang laughed, "You asked a right question! It seems that you have learned something of Taoism." Sun said, "Please teach Taoism in details." Zhang said, "Taoism should be understood, not by teaching. You'd better think it over and you will understand the gist of Taoism."
After several months, they visited all round Wudang Mountain. So Zhang asked Sun, "What have you found these days?" "The ruined phenomenon of Wudang Mountain." "You should also find the prosperity of Wudang Mountain." "Most of palaces and temples were destroyed, just with broken bricks and tiles. Where can I find the prosperity?" "Something is coming from nothing. Nowadays ruins and relics will be palaces and halls in the future."
One day when they passed Canglang Island, they walked directly towards a mountain in front of them, on which they could have a clear view of Han Jiang River, Jinzhou City, and Wudang Mountain. Zhang asked Sun again, "Here, what do you find?" "I find the wonder of lots of mountains worshiping Wudang Mountain and that Jinzhou City, surrounded by water and mountains, has a lucky vision." Zhang commented, "You just find the exterior things, not the interior ones. Wudang Mountain is really a god sitting there, with Heavenly Pillar peak as the head, Golden Peak the cap, which was worn out, but we can change a new one. Purple Cloud Peak is his stomach, Five-dragon Peak and South Cliff the left arm, Five-senior Peak and Qiongtai the right arm, the lower part of Crown Prince's Slope the legs and feet." Sun understood suddenly, "Sir, you mean that Wudang Mountain is the form of Emperor Xuan, Emperor Xuan the spirit of Wudang Mountain." "How clever you are! Only that the clothes of Emperor Xuan are worn out now, in the need of changing a new one. You see Jinzhou City once again, waters and mountains are spreading forward straightly to Golden Peak, just like a straight line, which is the root of Wudang Mountain." Sun was really clever, he was enlightened once again, "Sir, I know why you take me to visit Wudang, you are going to build Wudang Mountain at a large scale." Zhang-Sanfeng waved his hands, "It is a secret, do not let out!"
In 1399, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu-Yuanzhang died. Because that the prince Zhu-Biao had died before, Zhu-Yunwen, grandson of Zhu-Yuanzhang took the throne and became Emperor Jianwen. He began to weaken the power of these princes so as to strengthen centralization, which caused Prince Yan Zhu-Li led his soldiers to rebel against him.
In 1402, Zhu-Li took over Nanjing City and the throne, naming himself Emperor Yongle. That Zhu-Li defeated Zhu-Yunwen, the rightful emperor and made himself emperor was against the throne succeeding system, so the princes else and the people were not obedient. Zhu-Li used blood and iron to rule the country and killed the officials who did not obey him, or all their kins.
Zhu-Li's high-pressure policy did not wipe out the political crisis, instead, caused worse danger. More than twenty princes colluded together and was going to attack Zhu-Li at the same time; aristocrats in the west, Mongol, Northeast, and other places also rebelled and named themselves Kings. Emperor Yongle was confronting with the three big difficulties: officials and people were disobedient, brothers rebelled against him, the frontiers were not in peace, which made him worried and busy all the days.
Zhang-Sanfeng, as founder of Wudang Boxing and profound Taoist, was concerning state affairs. He visited Nanjing and Changing River region, so he knew Zhu-Li's difficult situation very well. When he returned to Wudang Mountain, he thought it over and again, then had a way to solve these difficulties. He gathered several reliable students and told them his plan, then set off to Sichuan Province. The next day in Wudang Mountain there spread a saying "Wudang Mountain will be prosperous and important in the near future."
When he got to Sichuan province, Zhang-Sanfeng told King Shu Zhu-Chun of his strategy "Building Wudang Mountain to rule the country with the help of gods." He said that since long before, men created gods and gods ruled men. China was named God Country because that China was the world of gods. So emperors of every dynasty declared that their rights to rule the country was given by gods. If Zhu-Li wanted to rule the country and compose these kings, he must rely on the help of gods. Zhu-Chun told the strategy to Zhu-Li, who decided to pay a visit to Zhang-Sanfeng by himself.
After several days' preparation, Zhu-Li led Zhu-Chun and some housecarls to begin their travel privately, came to Wudang Mountain. When they went by a big mountain, they suddenly found an old woman fainted on the earth. One adult carried the woman on the back to Meeting Gods Temple and shouted to a family nearby, "Black Ox (the nickname of one man in the family), come here quickly!" Zhu-Li asked him why not send for a doctor, the man said, "the grandma has no body illness, or mental problems, why send for a doctor?" "How do you know that she is not sick?" "When we examine a man, we should examine his breath and face. If he has a body trouble, his body color is black; if he has some worries in the heart, his body color is red. Now that her body color is not black or red, so I can say she has no illness." "If she is healthy, why did she fall faint?" "Since there is saliva in her mouth, she must be fainted by hanger." Really, when Black Ox fed her some meals, she came back to herself slowly.
Watched the man carefully, wearing a net headband, short clothes and trousers, thick eyebrows and big eyes, thick hands and large feet, black face with full of beards and moustaches on, completely a peasant in the countryside, but he could examine the illness, Zhu-Li was very surprised. He had not thought that there was this kind of strange man in the wild mountain, so he invited the man to give him an examination. Just a look, the man said to Zhu-Li, "You body color is red, you have something worried in mind." Very surprised in heart, Zhu thought the man had a sharp sight, so bowed and asked him to give some advice. The man said slowly, "Men are different from each, hearts too, so their mind problems are different from each other too. Some worry about their homes and families, some worry about the country and its people. The former is small mind problems, the latter big ones."
Zhu asked in surprise, "Can you tell me which kind of mind problem I have, small or big?" The man smiled, "You are a big man with a big heart, so you have a big mind problem." Found that the man was not common, so Zhu bowed again, "Can you help me?" The man brought out a small bag and passed it to him, "I have a prescription here, maybe it will do some help to you." Opened the bag, Zhu found a piece of white cloth on which written, "When Wudang Mountain is prosperous, the country is peaceful" and four sentences, "To build Wudang Mountain to protect the frontiers, to pacify the central land, to gain the people's support, for Emperor Xuan will be with you." The following were two sentences as opening medicine, "A rage of wind in Boyang Lake, and a piece of cloud over Baigou River."
Watching these, Zhu felt puzzled, was the man to enlighten me ordered by Zhang-Sanfeng? He wanted to require the man, but when he turned round, the man had been gone. So he asked Black Ox, "Do you know where Zhang-Sanfeng is now?" "You just had a long talk with Zhang-Sanfeng." Had a careful look at the prescription, Zhu understood at once, excited and full of hope, so his worries were all wiped out. He ordered his followers, "Do remember to build a palace here to commemorate my meeting with Zhang-Sanfeng and name it Meeting God Palace (Yuzhen Palace)".




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